Dr. Thomas BRINKMANN, FRISS: Don't focus only on detecting fraud, when we are able to prevent it

18 April 2016 — Mihai CRACEA
20160418_153818_mic"A fraud scheme can develop out of an opportunity. As it could happen in every country. But such a scheme could accelerate and grow very fast", said Dr. Thomas BRINKMANN, Country Manager for Greece and Cyprus, FRISS.

Such a scheme from Malta involved 22 persons. Exchanged of vehicles, repeated claims with different insurance companies and carefully staged traffic accidents were among the complex methods employed by the people involved, he exemplified.

But finding a fraud is just as important as preventing. "Client examples shows the clear correlation between the FRISS score at the moment of underwriting and the loss ratio. The higher the score the worst the loss ratio. These policies/ claims could have been avoided", according to Dr. Thomas BRINKMANN.