Dunav osiguranje designated the consumer's favorite insurance brand in Serbia

22 April 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Serbian "Dunav osiguranje" is the winner of this year's award "Consumer's favorite" in the insurance category, designating the most popular brands on the Serbian market. Organized by the association "My Serbia" and with the support of the City of Belgrade, the contest awards the best brands based on the consumers' votes.

In the competition for consumers' favorite brands, there were 1,500 brands in 30 categories, and the most famous domestic brands were nominated, which were awarded by the citizens with votes for quality, recognizability and social responsibility.

The "Consumer's Favorite" campaign was organized as part of the "Best in Serbia" campaign, which also includes the "My Choice" and "Benefactor" campaigns. The "My Choice" campaign is aimed at encouraging the development of domestic production and the promotion of the best domestic products, while the goal of the "Benefactor" campaign is to highlight the most responsible companies and organizations in our country.

Recently, Dunav osiguranje signed - together with JP Posta Srbije, Telekom Srbija and Banka Postanska stedionica, some of most important economic and financial institutions in Serbia, a Protocol on joint cooperation aiming to provide Serbian citizens better access to modern postal, banking, insurance and telecommunications services.

"In developed European countries, the practice of bringing insurance closer to customers through banks, as well as through postal operators and telecommunications, has long been an example of good practice and one of the ways in which the insurance business develops through all segments of the economy," President of the Executive Board of Dunav Osiguranje, Ivana Sokovic said. She explained that the goal of signing the Protocol on Cooperation is to strengthen mutual activities, which would bring the signatory companies closer to all citizens and thus contribute to the development of the Serbian economic environment.