ECPC 2017 - Olav JONES will present Insurance Europe's vision on the consumer protection issues

12 January 2017 — Daniela GHETU
Olav JONES, Deputy Director General, Insurance Europe, will represent the European (re)insurance federation at the 2017 edition of the European Consumer Protection Conference, to take place in Vienna, on February 16th.

Between encouraging and supporting initiatives aiming to improve financial literacy, on one hand, and advocating for avoiding information overload measures which may only confuse consumers instead of helping them to take well informed decisions, Insurance Europe has permanently maintained on its agenda the consumer protection issues.

Among other things, the association has drawn up a "guide" of the innovative and consumer-focused initiatives by the insurance sector in the fields of innovative products and services, digitalisation, enhanced claims management, transparency and financial education, risk management innovative initiatives, fighting fraud and conduct of business good practices. Although not directly transferable from one market to another, many of these initiatives can be a valuable source of inspiration. Olav JONES will give the ECPC participants a glimpse of the Insurance Europe vision on the consumer protection issues.

The European Consumer Protection Conference will investigate on the matter revealing the point of view of all the stakeholders involved: authorities, insurers and intermediaries, consumers. The event organized with the official support of VVO - the Austrian Insurers' Association, will take place on February 16th, in Vienna.

The European Consumer Protection Conference will provide the latest in the consumer protection field of interest, both in industry and supervisors terms, benefitting from the extensive expertise of its top quality speakers.

Regulators, professional associations of insurance undertakings and distributors, consumer associations and consumer representatives and mass-media representatives are offered to attend free of charge subject to availability.

More details on the participation terms and the event's content and speakers are available here.

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