EIOPA: European insurers' assets close to EUR 11.5 trillion in 3Q2016

29 June 2017 — Daniela GHETU
At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016, insurers domiciled in the EEA* had assests of EUR 11,496.2 billion, while total liabilities amounted to EUR 10,167.32 billion, shows statistical information on the European insurance sector based on Solvency II regulatory reporting published by EIOPA.

Data published by EIOPA are based on the reports dubmitted by 2.200 EEA insurance undertakings (556 life insurers, 1,321 non-life insurers and 323 composite companies).

Insurers' investments were totaling EUR 7,297 billion, excluding the assets held for index-linked and unit-linked contracts. The main items of the EEA insurers' investment portfolio were bonds, overall holding a 63.8% share of the portfolio (government bonds 31.57%; corporate bonds 29.37%); Equities represented only 3.68% of the total investments, while placements in Collective Investments Undertakings amounted to a 12.8% share. Another 14.2% share was attributed to the holdings in related undertakings, including participations.

Assets held for index-linked and unit-linked contracts amounted to EUR 2,532.9 billion.

UK, France and Germany are holding together almost 66% of the total EEA insurers' assets. The largest CEE market in assests terms is Poland, with EUR 43.4 billion (0.38% of the EEA portfolio).



The EIOPA statistics will be published on a quarterly basis, starting with the third-quarter of 2016. They include aggregated country-level information about the balance sheet, own funds, capital requirements, premiums, claims and expenses based on regulatory reporting of close to 3,000 insurance undertakings operating in Europe. Every publication is accompanied by a description of key aspects linked with the published statistics.

*Exchange rate conversions to EUR using ECB exchange rates as of reference date. Data covers the EU plus Norway and Liechtenstein. Data extracted on 14 June 2017

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