ESTONIA: As of June 1, Estonian Green Card policies no longer valid in Russia and Belarus

13 April 2023 —
From June 1, 2023, a green card policy issued for an Estonian vehicle will not be valid in Russia or Belarus, in its turn a green card policy of Russia and Belarus won't be valid in Estonia or other countries of the European Economic Area.

If a driver needs to go to Russia or Belarus with an Estonian car, it must be covered by local traffic insurance, the Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL) informed.

According to Lauri Potsepp, board member of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (LKF), it is almost impossible to offer insurance if money transfers between countries are disrupted. "It is important to note that previously issued green cards are valid in Russia and Belarus until May 31. Therefore, from June 1, in any case, to drive an Estonian car in these countries, local traffic insurance must be purchased. This can be done, for example, when crossing the border", explained Potsepp.