ESTONIA: LKF: last year 75% of disputes between insurers and clients ended in an agreement

27 April 2023 —
Last year, traffic insurance intermediaries operating at the Estonian Traffic Fund (LKF) settled 134 disputes between insurers and clients, 75% of which ended in an agreement, the Association of Estonian Insurance Companies (EKsL) wrote.

According to Martti Merila, head of LKF's legal department, intermediaries resolve more insurance disputes during the year than courts and state institutions dealing with disputes put together. "The range of disputes is very wide, from simple metal dents to circuit breakers, from disputes over the cost of a vehicle or repair to disputes over interpretation of laws. The mediator's work is developing, because disputes are rarely similar, as the traffic picture, causes and consequences of accidents are always different", said Merila.

Last year, the average disputed amount of traffic insurance settlements was EUR 5,238. The smallest disputed amount was EUR 200 and the largest was EUR 32,000.