ESTONIA: Last year, scammers tried to defraud EUR 2 million

25 March 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL), 529 insurance fraud cases were registered last year, with an attempt to defraud EUR 2 million. At that, the average scam amount was EUR 3,800, and larger frauds exceeded EUR 100,000.

According to Ulli Reimets, head of EKsL's loss prevention department, last year 17 insurance fraud claims were submitted to the police for criminal proceedings, which is more than twice as many as in previous years.

According to Reimets, more insurance scams have been discovered in recent years, where they tried to hide exclusions stated in insurance contracts. "Such cover-ups make up a third of insurance scams", he says.

In 2023, 38% of all insurance fraud cases were registered in voluntary vehicle insurance or MoD, one third were in home insurance, 13% were traffic insurance cases, and 7% were in travel insurance.