ESTONIA: Road traffic accidents decreased in 2018 according to LKF

7 February 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
During 2018 there were 35,251 road motor incidents in Estonia, the lowest number in the past 4 years. While the number of incidents decreased, the average claim has increased in value by 11,62% compared to 2017.

The average value of claims for the insured events was EUR 1,969 overall, EUR 1,687 for vehicle damages and EUR 6,035 for body injuries costs.

"Although the number of motor insurance events has somewhat decreased during the year, last year there were many serious accidents resulting in human injuries, which meant that the amount of claims related to personal injury increased," explained Andres PIIRSALU, Member of the Management Board of Motor Insurance Fund.

The region with the most recorded accidents was Harju county where 20,064 cases took place (56,9% from the total number of accidents), followed by Ida-Viru county with 2,145 cases and Parnu county with 1,533 cases.

The top value event that happened in 2018 was caused by a collision between a truck and a passenger train, which caused nine people to be injured and serious damage to the both vehicles, making some of the train's carriages derail. The estimated cost of the incident is around EUR 1.3 mil (from which EUR 0.04 mil went to body injuries).

If we talk about the motor insurance activity, the number of insurance contracts and the number of customers was the highest in the past 5 years. There were 720,406 new motor insurance contracts (+2.71% from 2017) and 435,529 customers (+2.46% from 2017). The average premium price was EUR 142 in 2018, recording an increase of EUR 12 compared to 2017 average value (+9.23%).

The full report over motor insurance activity in Estonia, published by LKF, can be found on their official website, here.

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