ESTONIA: Storms cause the most insurance cases in December

12 December 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL), in the last 15 years, storms have caused the most insurance cases in December. The risk of storms is also greater in October and August. The biggest storm in 2023 was on October 7-8, when it caused 1,500 insurance cases with a total loss of EUR 3.5 million.

As Ulli Reimets, EKsL's head of loss prevention, noted, nearly half of the losses in October were home insurance related. "In every fourth case the storm damaged a roof. Every fifth was a case of liability insurance", explained Reimets.

There was a total of 227 storm incidents in property and home insurance with a total loss of EUR 1.2 million. The average storm damage for property insurance of a legal entity was 5,326 euros, and larger losses were over EUR 100,000. 217 storm-related damage cases with a total loss of EUR 600,000 were compensated under voluntary vehicle insurance. The average storm damage was EUR 2,728, the biggest losses were over EUR 10,000.