ESTONIA: in the first nine months EUR 7 million paid as fire indemnities under home insurance

17 November 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the statistics of the Association of Insurance Companies, 422 fires in the amount of EUR 7 million have been indemnified under home insurance in the first nine months of this year vs 414 fire indemnities worth EUR 9.4 million paid last year.

According to ?lli Reimets, Head of the loss prevention division of the Association: "More and more fires are occurring due to a fault in electrical installations, which is also shown by the statistics of the Rescue Board. Often a fire starts from the heating system, when using an open fire, smoking or from an electrical appliance", he said.

"In the event of a fire, the most important thing is to prevent damage to health and life, but after extinguishing the flames, the causes must be analyzed", said Erko MAKIENKO, Head of the ERGO Property Damage Department. "Fire is often caused by old electrical wires and household appliances. When renovating a home, an electrician should have all wires, switches, plugs and other electrical installations inspected", MAKIENKO stressed.

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