ESTONIA: life premiums up 15% in February

1 April 2013 —
Estonian insurance companies collected in February 5.6 million euros in life insurance premiums, 14.7 percent more than in the same month of the previous year.

 Compared to January, the amount was 6.3 percent smaller, figures released by Statistics Estonia on Thursday show.

Payouts in life insurance totaled three million euros, 3 percent less than in February 2012 and 15.4 percent less than in January.

Companies in the non-life insurance segment collected 17.3 million euros in premiums last month, 4.8 percent more than the year before. Month on month, premiums shrank by 21 percent.

Non-life indemnities amounted to 11.8 million euros, growing by 20.7 percent in annual comparison. Compared to January, payouts decreased by 3.7 percent.

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