EVENT: Join the debates taking place at the 8th AIDA EUROPE CONFERENCE

5 September 2019 — Adina TUDOR
Critical issues emerging from the development and application of Artificial Intelligence and how IDD addresses the implications of Insurtech are just a few of the topics analyzed during the 8th AIDA Europe Conference, taking place in October in Lisbon.

Over 200 leading insurance and legal professionals, academics and regulators, from over 30 countries, are expected to participate at the event. They will join with various stakeholders with an interest in the impact of technology in the future insurance marketplace, for two days (over 3 and 4 October 2019) of informed discussion.

Arranged in conjunction with AIDA Portugal and with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, as well as many sponsors from across Europe and Media Partner, XPRIMM Publications, the event has already attracted a very high level of interest. Late last year abstracts were received of papers addressing different aspects of insurance market challenges presented by technological developments impacting upon every facet of insurance practice. These will form a core part of the plenary programme. The best contributions will also be published in a post-Conference publication of AIDA Europe research materials.

Opening the Conference plenary sessions are Keynote Speakers, Jorge MAGALHAES CORREIA, Chairman & CEO Fidelidade Seguros, Portugal and Julia UNKEL, PwC Germany Insurance Leader. The morning will then feature presentations and discussions upon the latest legal, risk and coverage issues emerging from the Cyber Risk Landscape and comparing the promises with the reality following the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

AIDA Europe's Chair, Christian FELDERER reports that, "afternoon parallel breakout sessions will respectively concentrate upon critical issues emerging from the development and application of Artificial Intelligence, how the IDD addresses the implications of Insurtech, the liability and contractual consequences of autonomous vehicles coming into operation." Attention will further turn to what legal skills are needed in the Tech Age and how lawyers can stay legally fit. Also, a parallel session looking at the value of the soft law tool of the Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL) project, aimed at rendering transnational commercial contract law standardised and better suited to apply to the fast-changing legal environment.

The second day of the Conference will review conclusions to be drawn from the breakout sessions, considering the impact of such changes to the daily lives of insurance lawyers and others in the market, before considering some specific current Hot Topics and Key Developments of note.

The event will conclude with parallel sessions concerned variously with: dispute resolution issues in Europe and the impact of Brexit; challenges for in-house Counsel presented by automated contract reviewing facilities; accountability when provisions to address climate change and catastrophic events prove inadequate; and the specific effects of artificial intelligence in the marine insurance markets. At the same time, there will be a Young Academics Afternoon held at the Nova University in Lisbon at which four winners of the AIDA Europe Awards for 2019 will make presentations upon the IDD, GDPR and related issues.

Held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and with a Thursday evening reception held at Espelho d'Agua in the city, the Conference is set again to attract a capacity audience of senior members from across the range of insurance and legal sectors and to help set the agenda for many tackling major current challenges to their practice areas. To avoid disappointment, any late registrations should be made without delay. Full details about the programme and booking are to be found on the AIDA website (www.aidainsurance.org). Any hotel bookings need also to be made directly.

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