EVENT: P&I WorldPensionSummit Wanderlust Series will take place on the 14 April

2 April 2021 — Irina GHETU
In the run up to the P&I WorldPensionSummit 2021, 12-14 October, P&I has created the Wanderlust Series featuring outperformers and trailblazers in a specific region. This series of webinars features different regions and was created in order to meet the desire to travel the world and learn and explore.

The event series is supported by XPRIMM as a Media Partner.

The speakers for the event are:
  • Hanna KASKELA, Director of Responsible Investments, VARMA Pension Insurance Company | Finland
  • Magnus BILLING, CEO Alecta | Sweden
  • Troels BORRILD, Head of Responsible Investments, AkademikerPension | Denmark
Moderator: Sophie BAKER, International News Editor Pensions & Investments

Divest or engage?

Asset owners across the globe are facing increasing pressure to deal with the environmental, social and governance issues that their investments may present. Many pension fund executives tout engagement as the way to go, with divestment viewed as a last resort where there is no hope of a company improving their practices.

This session will debate the Nordics approach to being a responsible owner, focusing on environmental issues. The event will address:
  • The Nordics approach - is there a preference for divestment or engagement? At what point do you have to walk away from an opportunity?
  • Being a good steward - can you be a responsible owner if you divest, allowing less responsibly minded investors to simply purchase these assets instead?
  • How are regulatory and industry initiatives, such as TCFD and the SDGs, playing into your own approaches to investment?
  • Much focus is put on the environmental side of things - but how are you addressing the social and governmental elements of responsible investment?
Find out more about the event here: https://conferences.pionline.com/conference/WPS/2021/custom_content/wanderlust-series

Wanderlust (n)

A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world [won-der-luhst]

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