Countdown to Success

These days there are two countdowns to keep a close check on:
  • 25 days to the FIAR 2012 start
  • 15 days to the 200th edition of XPRIMM News
"If an experiment works, something has gone wrong" says one of the most popular of the Murphy's Laws for technicians. And the corollary ads: "It should never be repeated". However, no matter how "realistic" it sounds in many cases for engineers, the Law proved wrong at least for two of the "experiments" started by Media XPRIMM some years ago: FIAR - The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum, held each year during the last full week of May, in Romania and XPRIMM News, the international bi-weekly insurance newsletter. We call them here "experiments" because each of them, at its starting point, was a premiere in the CEE region, credited by many with little chance of success, or at least viewed by some with a touch of disbelief.

A leading part to play for insurers

At the time I was preparing to write this column, a new disaster made the headlines on the news streams: a massive earthquake struck off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, triggering a tsunami alert for the Indian Ocean. The quake had a magnitude of 8.7 on Richter scale and across a large area the tremor revived fearful memories of the 2004 catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in the region that killed tens of thousands of people.

A changing landscape

It is easy to see, following the news stream, that the CEE insurance market will most probably end 2012 with a sensible different landscape.

The Awards' Season

As last year's results are known, the well deserved recognition is granted to the best performing players of the world's insurance markets. Insurers, reinsurers, brokers, consultants are all awaiting the judging panel's decisions and hoping they will enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

SPRING it on!

Even if in some mornings one may still find a thin layer of snow covering the street, winter has lost its power. Nature is ready for a fresh start. Writing from here, in Romania, in the first day of spring, we would like to send you a sign of friendship and also a symbol for "Good luck!" which is traditionally offered in the first day of March, a "Martisor". It may bring you the much needed good humor for a new beginning.

Icy roads heat up the pricing dilemma

Two major car crashes, involving about 100 damaged cars, that occurred on Wednesday, on the Czech highways are making the headlines all around the world, together with the dramatic summing-up of the victims produced by the heavy winter in Eastern Europe.

Frostiness or not, engines are hot!

Europe is freezing. The extreme weather condition is largely affecting almost the entire continent. A cold snap that has killed dozens of people in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in the past week is currently spreading to the Western parts of the continent and will probably last for several days. As temperatures dropped to around minus 30 degrees below zero, deaths were reported in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia and elsewhere.

Share your thoughts

The winter holiday is already left far behind and 2012 is already carried "full speed ahead". Still, being at the first year's edition of XPRIMM News, let us wish you a fruitful and prosperous year!

Happy New Year!

We have finally arrived at the end of a troubling year. XPRIMM News has also arrived at its last issue for 2011.

Looking for a new horizon?

During the last weeks, almost all major re/insurance groups published their 3Q results. Of course, we are mostly interested in how the CEE and CIS countries have contributed to these results, considering names as ALLIANZ, GENERALI, ING, KBC, PZU, VIG, UNIQA are usually placed in top positions of the regional charts.

Get and share - it's easy!

Information is the most powerful tool ... if relevant, consistent and ... right on time.
Keeping this in mind, we thought that two weeks can sometimes be a too long time for you to get in touch with the novelties of the most dynamic markets in the CEE and CIS countries. Also, a by-annual pace for updating market statistics might be too slow when it comes about the emerging markets.

Baden-Baden, a checkpoint on the "silk route"

A few days ago we've met for the third time our readers in Baden-Baden, on the occasion of the third edition of Baden-Baden XPRIMM Reception. Over 250 professionals from the re/insurance companies all over the world took advantage, on October 23rd, of the opportunity to be the first readers of the autumn edition of XPRIMM INSURANCE REPORT, the publication which brings together the insurance statistics of the CEE and CIS regions for 1H 2011.