Estonia: A record number of traffic accidents occurred in the summer

6 October 2021 — Andrei Victor
According LKF statistics (the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund), a record number of traffic accidents occurred this summer (from June to August): about 8,000 claim files with a total loss of EUR 15 million.

Of the total number of summer accidents, about 41% were related to parking, 16% were rear-end collisions and 13% were crossroad collisions.

Ulli Reimets, Head of LKF Damage Prevention explained that "there are so many parking accidents because in many cars parks the parking spaces are too narrow and do not meet the minimum standard requirements. If the average width of a car is 1.8 meters and the width of a parking space is 2.5 meters, then there are only 35 centimeters of space on the sides of the car for maneuvering and opening the door".

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