Estonia: During 2020 conciliators settled 178 insurance disputes

9 March 2021 — Andrei Victor
Last year, Estonian insurance conciliators were involved in 257 insurance disputes, of which 178 ended with an agreement between the insurer and the client. Most of disputes were related to MTPL insurance cases, followed by household insurance, as informed in a statement the Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL).

During past 10 years, there were submitted 2171 conciliation applications to the insurance conciliators, of which 67% have been concluded with an agreement between the insurer and the client.

According to Lauri POTSEPA, Member of the Management Board of the Traffic Insurance Fund, during 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic influenced strongly the number reconciliations: "As last year there were 16% fewer traffic accidents than in 2019, there were also fewer disputes. At the same time, the canceled trips due to the travel restrictions, led to more travel insurance disputes than before".

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