Estonia: February 23, 2021, the day with the most reported traffic accidents in the past eight years

11 March 2021 —
According to the Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL), due to the slipperiness caused by the freezing rain that hitted Estonia, on February 23, 360 traffic accidents covered by MTPL or MoD policies occured, with a total incurred loss of about half million euro.

"That's four times more than a normal day", as the EKsL representatives announced in a statement.

From this point of view, EKsL representatives said that the "costliest day in history" is October 26, 2012 when occurred 398 events with a total loss of EUR 650 k.

Thus, Ulli REIMETS, Head of the Traffic Insurance Fund's Damage Prevention Department, said that February 23 "was the most accident-prone day of the last eight years. There were many more collisions than usual, in which the drivers lost the control of the vehicle and slipped in the opposite direction or sideways. (...). There were a lot of collisions with other vehicles, traffic signs, road fences, fence posts and even buildings".