Eurohold seeks to acquire the remaining shares of the minority in CEZ Distribution and CEZ Electro

11 April 2022 — Andrei Victor
Bulgarian holding Eurohold announced that its energy subholding - Eastern European Electric Company (EEEC) and majority shareholder in CEZ Distribution Bulgaria and CEZ Electro Bulgaria, has registered with the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) tender offers for the purchase of the shares of the minority shareholders in both companies.

As at the date of registration of the tenders, EEEC owns 98.93% of the capital of CEZ Distribution AD and 96.92% of the capital of CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD.

For the 20,581 shares held by the minority shareholders in CEZ Distribution, EEEC is offering a price of BGN 300.29 per share or a total of around BGN 6.2 million.

The price offered to the minority shareholders in CEZ Electro is BGN 28,158.30 per share or a total of just over BGN 4.3 million for 154 shares.

The offer for all remaining shares in both companies totals to approximately BGN 10.5 million. (EUR 5.4 million).

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