Eurohold starts capital increase process

8 June 2021 —
Bulgarian financial holding Eurohold, the owner of Euroins Insurance Group, announced it stars the process of its capital increase by up to EUR 100 million through a public offering of new shares.

In early May Bulgaria's Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) approved Eurohold's capital increase prospectus, which will allow the Bulgarian holding to raise up to EUR 100 million by issuing new shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). Click here to read more.

In mid-April, Eurohold's shareholders approved capital increase, as xprimm announced here.

Eurohold will offer for subscription for subscription 79 million new shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 and issue price of BGN 2.50 per share. The raised funds will be used to finance the acquisition of CEZ Group's subsidiaries in Bulgaria and to invest in the development of the group's two main businesses - energy and insurance.

The Bulgarian investment intermediary Euro-Finance AD will be the lead manager of the public offering. The Bank in which a fundraising account has been opened is EUROBANK BULGARIA AD.

The following was released by Eurohold:

"With reference to a decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted on 10.04.2021 and to announcements pursuant to Art. 89r, para. 1 of the POSA made through the financial website X3News on 28 May 2021 as well as through the websites of the issuer and the authorised investment intermediary on 28 May 2021 regarding the capital increase of Eurohold Bulgaria AD, BSE-Sofia AD admits to trading the following issue of rights:

- Number of shares prior to the increase: 197,525,600

- Number of rights issued: 197,525,600

- Number of shares offered for subscription: 79,010,240

- Nominal value per share: BGN 1.00

- Issuing value per share: BGN 2.50

- Ratio between the rights issued and new shares (rights/share): 5/2

- The capital will be increased if at least 31,604,096 shares will be subscribed to and paid in.

- BSE code assigned to the rights issued: EUB1

- ISIN of the rights issued: BG4000002213

- Starting date of trading in rights on the Exchange: : 09.06.2021

- Final date of trading in rights on the Exchange: : 15.06.2021

- Starting date of transferring the rights: : 09.06.2021

- Final date of transferring the rights: : 17.06.2021

- Auction date as per Art. 112b (7) of the POSA: 21.06.2021

- Starting date of subscribing to shares of the increase: 09.06.2021

- Final date of subscribing to shares of the increase: 25.06.2021

- Investment intermediary authorised to administer the capital increase: Euro-Finance AD

- Bank in which a fundraising account has been opened: EUROBANK BULGARIA AD

- The right to subscribe to shares of the increase shall be entitled to all shareholders registered with the Central Depository by 04.06.2021 (Record Date).

- The final date for transacting shares of this company on the Exchange, as a result of which the holder is entitled to take part in the capital increase, has been 02.06.2021 (i.e. Ex Date: 02.06.2021)."