Expansion in Latvia and Estonia, on PZU's 2012 agenda

19 March 2012 — Daniela GHETU
The first targets in PZU's expansion strategy were recently revealed by a press release of PZU Lietuva, the Lithuanian subsidiary of the Polish market leader: PZU wants to enter Latvia and Estonia in the second half of 2012. According to PZU Lietuva CEO, Marius JUNDULAS, "expanding in the Baltics is a natural move for PZU". Considering the strong position of PZU Lietuva on the Lithuanian market and the fact that many of its big clients are extending their business towards Latvia and Estonia, "it is only natural to offer them, in these countries, the same reliable services as in Lithuania".

Currently, the strategy for the Baltic region is in preparation. According to the newly published development strategy for 2012-2104 of the Polish group, PZU 2.0, the PZU Group has the potential to allocate PLN 6-7 billion to build a substantial international business by working with a financial investor and the appointment of the company PZU International. Its task is to lead to the PZU Group's acquisition activities and managing foreign operations of the PZU Group in order to increase their value.

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