Fewer people killed on the CEE roads despite the increasing number of road accidents, in 2013

16 April 2015 — Daniela GHETU
motor_insurance_report_2015Car crashes killed over 9,600 persons and injured about 203 thousand in 2013 on the CEE roads, in a total number of road accidents close to 210 thousand, according the data published by the European Commission and the national statistical offices, collected by XPRIMM. Compared with the previous years it seems that although there is a slight increase in the number of accidents, the tragic consequences have somehow diminished, most probably because of the improved cars' safety characteristics.

In the CIS region, especially in Russia, the numbers remain very high: while the total number of road accidents increased by about 4%, to almost 270 thousand, the number of killed persons decreased also by about 4%, to ~40,000, but the one referring to the injured persons went up by 4%, to 340 thousand. However the main contribution to the y-o-y variation recorded in 2013 belongs to Kazakhstan, where the number of road events saw a huge increase in 2013 as compared with the previous years.

In the South East European area (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus), Turkey was the trendsetter. While in Greece both the number of road accidents and killed/injured persons constantly decreased over the years, in Turkey the trend was opposite, except for the fatalities, a trend somehow explicable given the rapid increase of the national cars fleet.


2010 - 2013 complete statistical data regarding the national fleets' structure and the road accidents in 25 countries from the CEE, SEE and CIS regions are available in the latest issue of the XPRIMM Motor Insurance Report which will be officially launches at Istanbul, on April 20th, on the occasion of the 5th edition of the IIF - Motor insurance-the road towards profitability conference.

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