Frans van der ENT to stand down as chairman of ACHMEA Pension & Life

8 January 2020 —
Frans van der Ent will stand down as chairman of ACHMEA's Pension & Life division early in 2020, as the Dutch financial group announced in mid-December 2019, "reducing the size of its board in line with our service-book strategy. It has been agreed that Mr Van der ENT will continue his career outside ACHMEA".

Frans van der ENT has worked at ACHMEA for over twelve years. After six years as CEO of the groups's former subsidiary in Romania, he became director Income Protection Insurance in 2013 and divisional chairman in 2015. In that capacity, he was a company director of ACHMEA Pensioen & Levensverzekeringen N.V. until 31 August 2019.

Willem van DUIN, Chairman of the Executive Board of Achmea:

"Frans has had a significant input into achieving our service-book strategy. In addition, the service organisation now manages a growing retail market open-book portfolio. He has also been involved in making Achmea's Pension & Life division future-proof. We would like to thank Frans for his major contribution and efforts, and we wish him well in his further career."