From July 1, driving between Kosovo and Montenegro will no longer require border insurance

30 June 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Kosovo and Montenegro have signed an agreement on the abolition of border security between the two countries, announced Tirana Post. Thus, starting 1 July, for cross border traveling by car there will be no need to acquire border insurance.

The Director of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau, Sami MAZREKU, and the Director of the Association - National Bureau of Insurers in Montenegro, Boris SABAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding for mutual recognition of insurance certificates, to cover responsibilities in causing damages to third parties in mutual territories in the Republic of Kosovo and Montenegro.

According to the memorandum, drivers of vehicles with Montenegrin registration plates will present a valid Green Card upon entry into Kosovo, while drivers of vehicles with Kosovo license plates will present a valid TPL insurance certificate upon entry into Montenegro. The Memorandum provisions are similar to those applied in MoUs concluded by Kosovo with Macedonia and Serbia.