GENERALI Group announces its first boutique in Italy with a new partnership to launch innovative multi-asset strategies

GENERALI Group announced its first Italian boutique with a strategic partnership, aimed at launching a new asset management company. The new venture will develop multi-asset strategies, serving the needs of clients around the world, both private and institutional.

The partnership will be called ThreeSixty Investments and will be established between the Generali Group (which holds the majority of the capital through Generali Investments Holding S.p.A.) and a few professionals, experienced in the asset management landscape, with a proven business and investment track record:
  • Giordano LOMBARDO, former CEO of Pioneer Investments;
  • Mauro RATTO, senior investment professional, expert in fixed income and emerging markets strategies;
  • Diego FRANZIN, senior investment professional, expert in equity strategies;
  • Robert RICHARDSON, experienced executive in the asset management industry.
"We believe that the future of active asset management lies in a new, integrated approach, beyond the distinction between traditional and alternative assets. Our aim is to align completely to the goals of investors, integrating all sources of return in a common total return framework. The partnership with Generali, with its long-term commitment, is ideal to build a new approach to multi-asset investing," said Giordano LOMBARDO, CEO of ThreeSixty Investments.

GENERALI Group will invest EUR 1 billion in the first fund of ThreeSixty Investments, as strategic capital. The new asset management company will be headquartered in Milan and operate, once obtained the due licenses, as an asset management company under Italian law.

Since May 2017, when the Generali Group started to roll out its Asset Management strategy first on Europe and then secondly, in November 2018, for the world, Generali has created or partnered with 8 boutiques and transformed its existing asset managers into 4 distinctive platforms.


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