GENERALI PPF study: Only 20% of Romanian and Croatian drivers have CASCO insurance in addition to their MTPL

22 November 2012 — Mihai CRACEA
sigla_volkswagenIn most CEE countries, CASCO insurance is not an option for most drivers. Only 20% of drivers in Romania and Croatia have CASCO insurance in addition to their MTPL. In the Czech Republic the number is not much higher - about 25%, while only 5% in Bulgaria and 3% in Serbia. Slovenians are on the other side of the extreme, where nearly 50% of drivers also have CASCO insurance.

VOLKSWAGEN is the most insured car in Romania, Croatia and Poland. In fact, brands belonging to VOLKSWAGEN Group are the most frequently insured in the CEE countries. ZASTAVA is the most insured car by the Serbian drivers. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the most insured brand is represented by SKODA. Bulgaria's and Hungary's number one is OPEL.

The car brand covered the most by MTPL is VOLKSWAGEN, which is the most insured car in Romania, Poland and Croatia. At the same time, the car brand that is insured the most is also involved in the most claims. VOLKSWAGEN leads in terms of claims across the countries. The brand with the second most claims is Ford.

In terms of CASCO insurance, OPEL sees the most claims. SKODA ranks second in terms of claims on CASCO insurance in Central and Eastern Europe and also ranked second in terms of reported accidents. Only in Bulgaria and Slovenia did SKODA not rank in the top 5 for most insured vehicles.

The average age of car insured by GENERALI PPF Holding insurance companies ranges from 8 to 16 years. Slovenians most often insure cars up to 8 years-old while Bulgarians insure cars that are on average 16 years-old. The most common age of cars insured with MTPL is around 11 years (Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia), while with CASCO insurance younger cars, around 3 years old. In Poland and Slovakia, CASCO insurance is mostly for the brand new cars.

"The average age of insured cars in the European Union is 8.2 years-old, but for example in Hungary or in the Czech Republic it is closer to 12 years-old. The trend of ageing cars is confirmed by our own statistics", says Jiri STRELICKY, the Head of the Product Competency Centre for GENERALI PPF Holding.

The most popular colors in MTPL and CASCO insurance are grey, red and white. When talking about colors, silver-grey leads amongst Hungarian drivers, basically following the European trend; in Serbia 16% of people have white cars, with grey metallic leading in the Czech Republic with 12%. Red color is on second place amongst most of the countries.

The survey covered: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria.

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