GENERALI Pensii: The collection rate is 72%

21 May 2012 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
ioan_vreme_fiar2012According to a survey conducted by GENERALI Pensii and presented at FIAR 2012, the total value of expected contributions for the 2nd Pillar in December 2011 by the company exceeded 18.71 million. Only 13.49 million of this total amount was actually collected, accounting for a 72% collection rate.

The survey also shows that while the market average expected contributions number per participant was 37, the average collected contributions number was only 27. "The most worring aspect is that the worst collection rate refers to the young generation. We have many cases of participants younger than 35 years who have received less than 10 contributions although they have joined the system in 2008 or 2009", revealed Ioan VREME, CEO GENERALI Pensii.

The potential solution for improving the low collection rate could be "overcoming the crisis, reducing the underground economy, improving the employers' discipline, informing the participants and enhancing the information exchange among the players of the general pension system (employers, participants, CNPP, CSSPP, managers, the Tax Administration Authority)", stated Ioan VREME at FIAR 2012.

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