GENERALI introduces signature per face ID - first insurer in Austria to use face recognition

13 December 2018 — Daniela GHETU
GENERALI insurance introduces the innovative advancement of the mobile phone signature, being the first insurer in Austria to adopt this innovate and user-friendly way of signature or authentication.

Costumers registered for the mobile phone signature of A-Trust and whose smartphones store the data of the fingerprint sensor and face recognition on the built-in security chip can now take out an insurance per face recognition (Face ID) or fingerprint sensor. This type of signature offers convenience as well as time saving, especially when dealing with multiple documents, and leads to a positive customer experience. It is also possible to log into the customer portal with face recognition.

"The positive feedback of our customers since the launch of the mobile phone signature last year has encouraged our path to increased convenience at the highest possible safety standards. We want to make people's lives easier. Taking out an insurance or logging into our customer portal with a simple glance has never been done before in our history of 187 years," Arno SCHUCHTER, Head of Sales and Marketing of the GENERALI insurance company commented.

Biometric face recognition responds to the needs of customers who want to take care of their insurance business with the smallest possible effort while also enjoying maximum safety. Apart from a smartphone with a safety chip which stores fingerprint sensor and Face ID information, being registered for the mobile phone signature of A-Trust is a prerequisite. A-Trust is the main provider for digital authentication systems in Austria. Over a million Austrians have already registered for the online signature in order to use "FinanzOnline" or access their pension account, for example.

GENERALI has been a pioneer in Austria in implementing strategic initiatives in the field of customer focus as well as digitalization and continually invests in new ideas and technologies. The insurer adapts to the changing customer behavior and combines digital service and personal advice. With its initiatives like the GENERALI customer portal, paperless new business, Connected Agent, mobile phone signature, online calculation as well as the recent Face ID and fingerprint, GENERALI improves customer experience and strengthens its position on the market.

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