GENERALI launched ARTE GENERALI a global business unit dedicated to art collectors

14 November 2019 — Andrei Victor
Italian insurer GENERALI annouced the launch of ARTE GENERALI, a global business unit dedicated to art collectors. "ARTE GENERALI is a suite of prevention, protection and insurance solutions for art collectors, integrated with unmatched services and cutting-edge technology", mentioned the Italian insurer in a press release.

Announced in occasion of the Group's Investor Day in November 2018, the new global unit is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and reports to Giovanni LIVERANI, CEO of GENERALI Deutschland and global sponsor of ARTE GENERALI. The central hub supports local underwriting and claims management teams empowered by unmatched services and cutting-edge technology.

GENERALI expects that the global art value will increase by more than 20% from 2017 to 2022 and that the art insurance revenues world-wide will rise by 6% yearly on average over the same period to reach USD 2.3 billion. ARTE GENERALI aspires to become a top-three player in the global art insurance segment in five years.

"I am very glad to announce the launch of ARTE GENERALI, a milestone in the execution of Generali 2021. With ARTE GENERALI, we start a new chapter in GENERALI's history within the insurance industry. Furthermore, ARTE GENERALI resonates strongly with GENERALI's expertise, legacy and DNA as it can build on the Group's leadership in terms of technical insurance performance and on its tradition as a patron to the arts and the culture", said Philippe DONNET, GENERALI Group CEO.

ARTE GENERALI offers innovative and personalized solutions that go beyond insurance coverage for art pieces, jewelry and other valuable belongings and include assistance in the form of, for example, restoration, transport and storage, as well as digital tools that make use of the latest technology.

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