GEORGIA: Insurance companies are working with the state to increase opportunities in the fight against coronavirus

5 November 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Private insurance companies in Georgia join the fight against coronavirus. According to Devi KHECHINASHVILI Chairman of the Board, Georgian Insurance Association, insurers will join measures to help those with mild forms of the virus, Business Georgia reports.

Devi KHECHINASHVILI explained that "in the first stage, we will help patients with mild forms of the Corona virus, treated at home. Insurance companies will also provide family doctors, qualified to work with patients at a distance, and the corresponding list will be submitted to the Ministry of Health", he said. At the same time, the Head of the Association also noted that if the situation deteriorates, pressure on the insurance sector may increase and then help from the state will be needed.

As of now, insurance companies are working with the state to increase and improve opportunities and add medical staff.

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