GERMANY: Less claims paid for damages caused by lightning in 2016, but more expensive costs per claim

31 August 2017 — Daniela GHETU
German household and residential building insurers reported 300,000 damages caused by lightning in 2016, resulting in paid claims of EUR 210 million, according to GDV (the German association of insurers) data.

In comparison with the previous years, the number of events decreased by 50,000, while paid claims in 2015 for lightning and overvoltage damage totaled Eur 240 million. The number of lightning strikes has declined in 2016.

The average cost per claim rose to EUR 700. One of the main reasons for the higher cost is that almost half of the lightning and overvoltage damages were registered at buildings, implying a higher cost than damage to household items. This is probably due to the increasingly used building technology, which is covered by residential building insurance - such as heating or blind control systems.


Lightning and overvoltage damage can be insured through residential building and household insurance. The residential building insurance secures damage to the roof, to the masonry or to permanently installed electrical installations. It also takes care of clearing and securing the property.

In case of lightning and overvoltage damages on the movable property in the apartment, there is the household contents insurance to address it. These include, for example, computers, televisions or other technical devices.

Surge damage is usually included in new policies of residential building and household insurance. In the case of older contracts, they may be covered by the conclusion of a corresponding clause.

Source: GDV

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