GREECE: Three million vehicles in Greece uninspected

6 May 2014 —
It is estimated that some two million cars and one million motorbikes in Greece have not had an annual check-up, while 300,000 vehicles are uninsured. Meanwhile, as many as 500,000 fewer vehicles have been taxed than last year, costing the Greek state around 400 million euros in lost revenue.

According to the latest data from the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies, 5.6 million cars were insured as of December, down from 5.8 million in July. In 2014, a total of 5.5 million tax vignettes have been purchased, compared to 6 million last year.

"Besides the cost of the inspection, car owners are afraid of the findings and how much they will cost," stated Konstantinos Vikas, director of a technical inspection centre. If, for example, the tyres are worn out, the owner must replace them and then pay for a second examination to obtain the document.

A cross-check of databases between the ministries of Transport and Finance is still being developed in order to levy fines directly against owners of uninsured or uninspected vehicles.

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GREECE: Three million vehicles in Greece uninspected
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