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20 October 2022 — Daniela GHETU
Except for Poland, all CEE markets saw a positive dynamic, in many cases at double-digit rates in the first half 2022. While confronted with a new economic crisis at a time when everybody was only hoping for recovery, the region's insurers managed push forward their business and overcome challenges, the XPRIMM Insurance Report CEE, SEE & ex-USSR for 1H2022 shows.

The report hosts no only statistical information on the 30 markets in the regions under its scope, but also interesting interviews. Approaching her final days at the helm of the most important insurance group in the region, Elisabeth STADLER, General Manager (CEO) and Chairwoman of the Managing Board, VIG - Vienna Insurance Group talks not only about the Groups' achievement and targets for the future, but also about the lessons learned in the years she led the insurance Group with the largest presence in the CEE.

"The task of managing the largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe is a particularly exciting challenge, especially a listed company, where the capital market and its immediate reactions have to be taken into account in all the considerations, statements and actions. I also see our broad, diverse setup as a big advantage. This diversity of ideas and different cultures is incredibly inspiring and makes my job really varied. I am convinced that diversity contributes to the economic success of a company. Our broad diversification across a large number of markets and brands enables us to remain stable even in crisis situations. The more diversely I am positioned, the easier it is to offset turbulence in individual markets or at individual companies by the overall result. We have now also noticed and benefited from this during the pandemic. Very special for me is also the very high level of solidarity within our group and a strong sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders which is now again topically shown by the war in the Ukraine," she told XPRIMM.

The report also hosts interviews with Vyacheslav CHERNYAKHOVSKY, General Director of the Ukraine's Insurance Business Association and Volodimir SHEVCHENKO, General Director, MTIBU, picturing a vivid image of the Ukrainian insurance market that continued working, sometimes in the very literal sense, under the war bombs.

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