Green Card policies issued by Azerbaijani insurers gain extended territorial coverage

3 March 2016 — Daniela GHETU
Starting April 1st, Green Card insurance policies issued by the Azeri insurers will be effective in the EU countries and Switzerland, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Iran, Moldova, Ukraine, Andorra, Albania and Morocco.

There are 12 companies, members of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau of Azerbaijan, authorized to sell Green Card insurance. Currently, there are three distinct categories of prices for the Green Card policies, depending on the destination country: Turkey and Iran; Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia; other courtiers.

As the Green Card bureaus of Russia, Belarus and Israel have not signed the corresponding agreement with Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani drivers will have to conclude frontier insurance contract, while visiting these countries.

In Azerbaijan, the Compulsory Insurance Bureau performs the functions of national insurance bureau of the international Green Card System. The Compulsory Insurance Bureau applied for the first time to the Council of Bureaux for the accession to the Green Card in 2012. The response to this request was positive and the Bureau was acquainted with the legal and other requirements necessary for the bureaus willing to join the system. For the accession of Azerbaijan Republic to the Green Card System, there were made relevant amendments to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic "On Compulsory Insurances" on 28 November 2014. In the General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux held in the city of Sopot, Poland on 28 May 2015, there was confirmed the accession of Azerbaijan to the International Insurance System "Green Card" with the effect from 1st January 2016.

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