HIGHLIGHTS: Global Insurance Forum 2017 gathered in London 500+ delegates from the international re/insurance arena

17 July 2017 — Mihaela CIRCU, Alexandru CIUNCAN
The 2017 edition of the Global Insurance Forum, an industry benchmark event organized by IIS- the International Insurance Society - ends today in London, after three days of debates. XPRIMM supports the Forum as Media Partner.

Here are the hioghlights of the London global meeting of the insurance industry, as reported by the XPRIMM delegates:

DAY 1 panels:
DAY 2 panels:

IDF-Insurance Development Forum


Stephen CATLIN
  • For the first time ever the insurance industry has made an effort to work with other organisations, such as the United Nations
  • Economic recovery is quicker in case of a disaster when insurance is present; there is a lower cost to the taxpayer
  • The insurance industry has been very poor at communicating what we do. [...] We are adding societal value.
Joaquim LEVY, Managing Director and CFO, World Bank Group
  • The poorest countries are the most vulnerable to disasters and the least insured
  • IDF is our collective chance to make a difference. Our target is to close the protection gap by extending natural disaster insurance coverage to 400 million people by 2020. Our long-term objective is to strengthen financial resilience of emerging markets and developing economies by developing government capacity to develop solutions, including risk transfer through insurance
The core concept in the Forum's construction is that the insurance industry plays a key role in building global risk resiliency. Innovative risk management tools serve to build resilient platforms for populations, economies and communities, mitigating the impact of a wide range of threats surrounding longevity and pensions, healthcare, climate and extreme events, and cyber and technology risks. By offering solutions which address the ever changing global risk landscape, the industry is poised to enhance its economic relevance and social impact by closing the widening protection gap, delivering meaningful change towards sustainable growth.

In this context, the Global Insurance Forum 2017 presents a rich agenda, reviewing the main trends in the industry as well as the its future opportunities and threats and the new ways in which insurance providers may and will have to engage in increasing society's resilience. Among the main topics under debate there are:
  • Brexit and the Future London Market: Renaissance or Bust?
  • Developed Market Dynamics
  • Engaging and Developing our Emerging Talent
  • Emerging Markets Outlook
  • IACP Panel: Customer Service to Technology: The Strategic Impact of Effective Claims Management
  • Regulation for Sustainable Development
  • Technology and Value Creation in Insurance
  • InsurTech: Innovating for Growth
  • The Rising Tide: Cyber Risks & Opportunities
  • Building Resilience and Increasing Insurance Penetration to Close the Protection Gap
  • The Future of ILS
  • Insurance Implications of Genetic Data.

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