HOW LOW CAN WE GO? Find out at the AZN Insurance Conference on the June 14, 2021

27 May 2021 — Alexandra GUZUN
The insurance risk is in an uncertain financial climate characterized by a long period of low interest rates. How the insurance sector copes with findings returns on high-risk investments and transferring investment risks to policyholders is one of the main topics of the 6th Annual International Conference.

The Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia is organising the 6th Annual International Conference titled HOW LOW WE CAN GO? Sustainable Insurance in an Uncertain World. The Conference will be ON AIR on the June 14, 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia in a hybrid form.

The event will have two sections of discussions and will present the low interest rate impact on the sustainability of pension systems, how some of the proposed changes respond to the new challenges, but also, if the insurance sector can compete with nature, considering the global changes in the environment and climate which will affect the frequency, size and distribution of natural disasters including pandemics.

Among important speakers including policy makers and leaders in the insurance industry, at the event will be present:

  • Gorazd Cibej, MSc, Director of Insurance Supervision Agency, SI
  • Andrej Sircelj, MSc, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia, SI
  • Karel Van Hulle, Prof. em. KU Leuven and Hon., Prof. Goethe University Frankfurt, Member of the PIOB, Member of the Board of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, BE
  • dr. Andraz Rangus, Division Director, Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia, SI
  • Frank Genheimer, Managing Director, New Insurance Business GmbH, CH
  • Daniel Kempchen, Member of the board, SIGNAL IDUNA Insurance Ltd., HU
  • dr. Klime Poposki, Professor at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski, MK
The registration form, organisation details and agenda are available on the folowing link: .

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