HUNGARY: The vast majority of Hungarians do not have accident insurance protection

20 October 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Today, only 15-20% of Hungarians have some form of accident insurance coverage, which is far below the rates in Western European countries, reaching as high as 60-80%. In the second quarter of 2021, 625 thousand accident insurance policies were issued, according to the Hungarian Association of Independent Insurance Brokers (FBAMSZ), said.

Accident insurance may have very different compensation limits. The lower limit of adequate protection can be considered if the level of death and disability compensation reaches HUF 10 million. "It is especially worth paying attention to the percentage of disability benefits," points out Marcell MOLN?R, Head of the Personal Insurance Section of FBAMSZ. "Some companies only reimburse from a high rate of 40-50%, in the case of other insurances we can get compensation in the event of damage of up to 1-2%."

Although many motor, home or bank card insurances include accident insurance as an additional element, most of them provide only minimal, nominal indemnity, the limits of which do not even approach the level of HUF 10 million.

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