Half the population of Slovenia lives in areas of high seismic risk

22 September 2016 — Daniela GHETU
Up to 53% of the population of Slovenia lives in areas in which earthquakes have caused great damage in the past. Zavarovalnica TRIGLAV, the leading Slovenian insurer, has put in place the Everything will be all right website as an information and educational tool, providing articles which explain both the risks and the insurance appropriate solutions to mitigate them.

Stories, scientific expanations, pictures and video materials are depicting in depth some of the most important natural catastrophee risks, as earthquake and floods, aiming to rise the public awarness in this regard.

The chapter The shocking truth about earthquakes says:

By way of illustration: the most powerful earthquake to hit Slovenia to date had a magnitude of 6.8. The recent earthquake that struck central Italy on the night of 23-24 August 2016, utterly destroying several villages and claiming almost 300 lives, had a magnitude of 6. At first glance it might appear that the Slovenian earthquake was only slightly more powerful than the Italian one - but appearances are deceptive. In reality, each successive degree of magnitude means 30 times more energy released.

In Slovenia, the importance of earthquake insurance first became clear following the second earthquake in the Upper Posocje region in 2004. The fact that their property was insured against earthquakes helped many of the inhabitants of Bovec - one of the worst-hit areas - get through the most difficult moments. Only a handful people in Slovenia had earthquake insurance when the 1998 earthquake struck. Zavarovalnica TRIGLAV agents actually began selling the first earthquake insurance policies in Slovenia in late March 1998. As fate would have it, the date selected to begin marketing this type of insurance in the Posocje region was 13 April 1998 - the day after the earthquake.

"We were the first insurance company in Slovenia to introduce earthquake insurance. The experience we have with earthquakes as an insurance company and our unique insight into the damage they can cause, along with other consequences - these are things that we think it is important to share with the public," explains Matej Ferlan, Executive Director of the Non-Life Insurance Division, with regard to Zavarovalnica Triglav's decision to produce the article The shocking truth about earthquakes.

Readers are learning, among other things, that the Richter Scale isn't a scale at all, that even in Europe earthquakes can trigger tsunamis, and that injuries during earthquakes are often the result of people's panicky reaction when they feel a tremor. Along with such curiosities, there are the stories of some of those who lived through the earthquakes in Slovenia's Upper Posocje region in 1998 and 2004. And thanks to the experience of experts who deal with earthquakes on a daily basis, readers can find out in a clear and practical way how best to prepare for the eventuality of an earthquake. At the end of the article a brief quiz allows them to test what they have learned.

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