Hungary: Ex-Aegon units continues their activity under a new name

4 July 2022 — Andrei Victor
Ex Hungarian Aegon unit announced on its website that starting September 2022, the company will be present on the market under the names Alfa Vienna Insurance Group Biztosito Zrt. and Alfa VIG Penztarszolgaltato Zrt.

At the same time, the Investment Fund Management company will change its name from Aegon Magyarorszag Befektetesi Alapkezelo Zrt. to VIG Befektetesi Alapkezel"o Magyarorszag Zrt.

"The acquisition of the Hungarian Aegon companies by Austrian Vienna Insurance Group was successfully completed on March 23, 2022. Based on the agreement with the new owners, the companies will be present on the market under the name of Alfa Vienna Insurance Group".

Based on a market survey, Aegon's Hungarian companies selected the new brand name, which reflects "both the reliability behind their services and the professional excellence that provides a stable basis for customer relations.

The name Alfa is short, easy to say and remember, and can be interpreted universally. The name means a first, a new beginning; it simultaneously suggests strength and respect for traditions. It refers to the company's historical traditions and current market position. Alfa is the leading insurer of the home insurance market, and through its owners - with the almost 20% market share of VIG-Hungarian State - it is a member of one of the leading insurance groups in Hungary".

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