ICAR 2019: Patrick DELALLEAU will share the French experience in dealing with NatCat risks

26 September 2019 — Daniela GHETU
Climate change seems to be THE century's threat, even if many are not aware yet about the real impact and the dramatic consequences that this phenomenon may have for the future. Patrick DELALLEAU, Chief business Development Officer, CCR Re, France will talk at ICAR 2019 about the necessity to address the climate risk threat, showing what measures are currently taken in France for NatCat prevention.

Since 1982, France has experiences total NatCat (non-motor) losses of EUR 36 billion, a report published by CCR - Caisse Centrale de Reassurance shows. Floods are responsible for 57% of this amount, while draught for 34%. On average, non-motor annual NatCat losses amount to EUR 977 million, while for the motor segment the annual average loss is of about EUR 41 million. According to estimations, floods produced by the overflowing of river Seine might cause losses of EUR 8.8 to 23.9 billion, while in case of an extreme draught the figure could vary between EUR 2.1 and 2.6 billion.

CCR provides companies operating in France with the state guarantee and in the general interest, blankets reinsurance against natural disasters since 1982 and other exceptional risks. As part of its public reinsurance business, CCR collects data on insured property and loss experience caused by natural disasters.

CCR modeling work, made available to insurers, communities and public authorities contribute to anticipation and the prevention of major natural disasters. With more than 2,500 municipalities in the territories at significant risk flood, France has spent about EUR 2 billion for flood prevention works in the last two decades. What are the actual measures taken and how efficient they proved being, we will find out at ICAR 2019.

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