IIF 2017 - "PROPERTY Insurance - The NatCat Challenge"

4 May 2017 — Daniela GHETU
Despite the increased technological capabilities of the modern world, natural catastrophes are still difficult, if not impossible to control. Yet, less than 30% of the total losses produced by Nat Cat events worldwide are insured losses.

In Europe, although the overall situation seems to be better than in many parts of the world, recent examples show that there is still much to do in order to reach a proper coverage degree for the Nat Cat risks. For example, only 61% of the losses caused by the 2016's summer floods which affected the Central and Western Europe have been covered by insurance, while of the about EUR 20 billion economic losses recorded by Italy following the three earthquake sequences that have shaken the country in 2016 and the beginning of 2017, only less than 1% were covered by insurance.

Starting from this point, a team of exquisite speakers provided by highly relevant companies as MUNICH Re (Germany), FLOOD Re (UK), PERILS AG (Switzerland), AIR Worldwide (Germany), Insurance Engineering Services® (the Polish branch), NTT Data (Germany) will bring into the limelight the best solutions to deal with the Nat Cat risks from a specific re/insurance perspective.

The conference will take place in Munich, on 26 June 2017. Attending IIF 2017 - PROPERTY Insurance - The NatCat Challenge is free of charge subject to availability. The conference will have a limited number of participants to guarantee an active exchange of opinions and animated discussions. Attendance will be accepted on "first come, first served" basis.

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