In brief: First Actuaires du Monde Congress - 2022 CEE & SEE Regional Actuarial Insurance Conference

2 May 2022 —
On 31 March and 1 April 2022, Actuaires du Monde (AdM) and the Macedonian Actuarial Association organized the First Congress of Actuaires du Monde and the 2022 CEE & SEE Regional Actuarial Insurance Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Sponsors of these events included the Insurance Supervisory Agency of North Macedonia, the National Insurance Bureau of Macedonia, and the IAA Life and Annuities Section alongside regional insurance stakeholder XPRIMM.

With a total of 85 in-person participants and 48 people joining the events online, 31 countries were represented namely Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cote d'Ivoire, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Montenegro, The Netherlands, North Macedonia, Portugal, Rumania, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Togo, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Zambia.

Opening the Congress, His Excellency the Minister of Finance of North Macedonia, Mr. Fatmir BESIMI, delivered a keynote address followed by welcome speeches from the President of Actuaires du Monde, Mr. Jean Berthon, the President of the Council of Experts of the Insurance Supervision Agency ( ISA), Mr. Krste SHAJNOSKI and the President of the Macedonian Actuarial Association, Ms. Cvetlava MARKULEVSKA.

31 March: Former President of the Council of Experts of ISA, Professor Klime POPOSKI of the University of St. Kliment Ohridski, performed Master of Ceremony duties on the first day.

The first day's sessions were devoted to the actuarial challenges resulting from the liberalization of the MTPL tariffs in CEE/SEE markets and the transition to a Solvency II regime.

Ms. Daniela GHETU from XPRIMM introduced the sessions with an overview of the insurance market in the CEE and SEE regions followed by a talk delivered by Ms. Lidija Pecigos VISNJIC from Croatia on the liberalization of the MTPL markets and a presentation by Professor Julien TRUFIN from ULB of Belgium who gave an insight on the use of a GLM model to rate MTPL insurance contracts.

After lunch, Professor Igor IVANOVSKI of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University introduced the session by Professor Karel VAN HULLE from the KU Leuven of Belgium, who had formerly headed the development of Solvency II at the European Commission, explained to the attendance the advantages Solvency II would present for the CEE/SEE regions and listed some of the conditions necessary to ensure successful implementation.

Then, Mr. Frank SHEPERS, Managing Director of the WTW office in Koln (Germany) introduced the notion of Enterprise Risk Management and its role in the transition toward a Solvency II regime.

Finally, Elias OMONDI, Senior Manager at FSD Africa presented a simplified risk-based capital approach developed for some East African countries.

1 April: On the second day, with Ms. Gayane ARSENYAN, Vice-Chair of Actuaires du Monde, President of the Actuarial Society of Armenia and Head of Data Science in one of the biggest banks in Armenia, sessions focused on financial inclusion through microinsurance as an opportunity for actuaries to make a difference. Among session moderators were Ms. Rokhaya KANDJI, CEO of IFAGE, a high-level school in insurance and actuarial sciences in Dakar, Senegal, Ms. Ornella KULLOLLI, Director of Education at the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, M. Pedro Pacheco, CEO of Prevem Seguros in Mexico and Vice-Chair of the IAA Life section, and Professor Severine Arnold from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

After introductory remarks on the role and the development of Actuaires du Monde by Mr. Jean BERTHON, Chair and Ms. Renata de LEERS, CEO, Ms. Lisa MORGAN from ILO, Mr. David AKWEI, an inclusive insurance consultant, and project manager of Actuaires du Monde in Togo and Mr. Francis GOTA, CEO of a FinTech, aYo Intermediaries Ghana, presented Inclusive Health Insurance and case studies from Ghana and in Togo during the first session.

Then, Mr. Vance Abissa, Chair and CEO of Inclusive Guarantee, provided some insights on index based agricultural insurance in West Africa, followed by a presentation on the evolution of the area yield index crop insurance products in the Indian Market context by M. A V Karthikeyan, appointed actuary of Reliance General Insurance.

After lunch, Mr. Gorazd CIBEJ, Director of the Insurance Supervisory Agency of Slovenia, and Professor Klime POPOSKI made a presentation on the regulatory landscape for inclusive insurance in the CEET region which was followed by a session organized by the IAA Life Section on financial inclusion in life insurance. Speakers included Ms. Norma Alicia ROSAS, General Manager of the Mexican Association of Insurance Companies, on financial inclusion in life insurance in Latin America, M. Rolf HUPPI, former executive chairman of Zurich Group and current chairman of a microinsurance provider ParaLife Group, on why traditional insurance cannot penetrate the microinsurance market because it is different, Mr. Luciano DEVARS, Director of Insignia Life in Mexico on the 15-year development of an insurance company whose objective is the inclusion of underprivileged sectors not served by the traditional insurance market.