Inclusive insurance and Microinsurance for the CEE and Transcaucasian regions - under discussion in Ljubljana

Inclusive insurance and Microinsurance, as a more specific tool for enabling the inclusion into insurance services of low-income population, play a major role in providing financial safety-net for large parts of population and thus providing a framework for prosperity and stability of their daily lives and businesses. This is concept that underlies the "Inclusive Insurance and Microinsurance" Conference, to take place in Ljubljana, on May 17, 2017.

The concept has already long been recognised as one of the main pillars for ensuring development abd economic growth by important international organizations such as OECD, World Bank, UN and other. In many parts of the world it has shown remarkable results ans the conference organizer, the Slovenian Institute for Strategic Solutions, believes that the CEE and Transcaucasian regions still have much to benefit from Inclusive Insurance and Microinsurance. The aim of the conference is to create a forum for sharing worldwide experience and applying it to the realities of the before mentioned regions.

XPRIMM is supporting the event as Regional Partner, while the Slovenian Insurance Supervision Agency is the conference's knowledge partner. GENERALI, the largest foreign insurance company in Slovenia, is the event's exclusiv sponsor.

The four parts of the event will have as main topics the following:
  • Inclusive Insurance and Microinsurance: Global Experience - explaining the basic concepts about inclusive insurance and microinsurance and sharing global best practices.
  • Interaction with Policymakers - Inclusive insurance and microinsurance are of utmost importance for policymakers. Inclusive insurance and microinsurance can provide effective financial protection for de-privileged strata of population at affordable price. Policymakers should welcome the opportunity that the insurance industry can provide protection which would, otherwise fall on taxpayers account.
  • Is There a Place for Microinsurance in Solvency 2 Regime? - Although EEA area is deemed as mature insurance market, we believe, that there are vast parts of population which are under protected. This session will deal with issues to what extent the principles and practices of microinsurance can be applied in EU markets.
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Region - This session will deal with opportunities and challenges for microinsurance in the region. The region is characterized by low insurance penetration and all of the stakeholders can vastly benefit from appropriate application of microinsurance principles.
The conference will bring together a select community of international experts to discuss the role of Inclusive Insurance and Microinsurance in the insurance sector and the importance it has for the society.

See the event's full programme here.

The conference is free of charge, with a limited number of participants. Click here to register for the conference.

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