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Julie SWEET appointed as CEO of Accenture

Julie SWEET was assigned the role of Chief Executive Officer of Accenture, joining the company's board of directors. She succeeds David ROWLAND, who was assigned as interim Chief Executive Officer on January 10th.

Sirius Group to form Global Management Committee

Sirius Group announced a generous list of changes in the management structure across the company, a set of "enhancements to unify the global operating structure" and to empower a number of key leaders inside the group.

STATISTICS: BELARUS, 1H2019: life insurance increased by almost 31% y-o-y

In the first half of 2019, GWP of the Belarusian market amounted to BYN 689.9 million (EUR 296.72 million), which in local currency is 13.63% more y-o-y. At that, paid claims increased by only 9.16%, to BYN 333.56 million (EUR 143.46 million), data published by the Ministry of Finance show.

LATVIA: new liability limits for drone insurance

On August 13th, the Government of Latvia approved the draft over "unmanned aircrafts and other aircrafts" regulation, according to which all drones that weight over 250 grams (~0.55 lbs) are required to carry a civil liability insurance.

ERGO Germany implements FRISS AI in claims management process

ERGO Germany successfully implemented FRISS Fraud Detection at Claims system in their claims management activity. ERGO Germany will take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize their portfolio and fasten the claims management process.