Insurance Conference - Republic of Moldova 9 August 2018

9 August 2018 — Daniela GHETU
Chisinau, 2 October 2018

Digitalization of the insurance market, cost optimization and rethinking of distribution, tariffs' liberalization and introduction of the new products - are just a few key interest points of the Moldavian insurance market. Thus, local factors as well as external ones are driving all the involved stakeholders to adapt and respond to the new requirements and also to the InsurTech revolution.

The annual Insurance Conference of the Republic of Moldova continues the tradition of offering a platform for the exchange of business insights on essential issues of the re/insurance industry, insurance brokerage, and related fields. The event also aims to identify the most appropriate solutions for the market's growth and to attract the investments and know-how, taking also into consideration the latest practices and other countries' experience.

Therefore, the event will gather, in Chisinau, local and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, leasing and credit organizations, repair shops and car dealers along with representatives of the public authorities, supervisory bodies, financial institutions and professional insurers and brokers' associations from the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

The event will display an exquisite team of speakers, of which have already confirmed their contribution:

  • Jean ZENNERS, President, Council of Bureau, Belgium
  • Greet FLORE, Secretary General, Council of Bureau, Belgium
  • Greory SCULLY, International consultant, Office of Technical Assistance, U.S. Treasury, USA
  • Deborah SENN, International consultant, Office of Technical Assistance, U.S. Treasury, USA
  • Valeriu CHITAN, President, National Commission of the Financial Market, Moldova
  • Othmar EDERER, Chairman of the Board of Management, GRAWE, Austria
  • Oleg VEREJAN, President, Association of Actuaries, Moldova
  • Vasile DONICA, Vice President, VICTORIABANK, Moldova
  • Catalin CAMPEANU, Deputy General Director, ISF, Romania
  • Cees WERF, President, CCN, Holland
  • Alina OSOIANU, Executive Director, BNAA
The conference is organized by XPRIMM, with the support of the National Commission for Financial Markets of Moldova and The National Bureau of Motor Insurers of Moldova.

Last registration date is 26 September 2018.

Click here to register online.
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