Insurance Europe: The implications of a no-deal Brexit on insured persons

28 March 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
Europeans with a motor, health or travel insurance policy may be affected by a no-deal Brexit. Insurance Europe analyzed possible outcomes for the insurance domain and published a guide to help insurance consumers prepare for travelling to the UK.

  1. Motor insurance - European MTPL currently allows motorists from EU member states to drive their personal vehicle inside the EU with no legal restriction. After a no-deal Brexit, motorists may be required to purchase an additional Green Card cover for the UK.
  2. Health insurance - EU residents can freely request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their home country. EHIC guarantees EU citizens access to healthcare services across the EU, under the same conditions as local residents. A no-deal Brexit could determine travelers to buy a travel or health insurance policy, if they want to be covered for medical expenses in UK.
  3. Travel insurance - Most of the times, travel insurance policies include cover for specific regions only, mentioned in contractual terms. In case of no-deal Brexit, the UK will be no longer included in EU. Travelers will need to pay more attention to the areas covered by travel insurance contracts and verify whether the UK is included.
Read the full Insurance Europe article, here.

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