Insurance Europe launches Diversity & Inclusion Hub

31 May 2022 — Daniela GHETU
As European Diversity Month draws to a close, Insurance Europe has launched its new Diversity & Inclusion Hub, which showcases efforts taken by the industry to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace by promoting equal opportunities and combatting discrimination in the workplace.

The insurance sector has an employee base of some 920,000 people in the European Union markets. While work still needs to be done to achieve greater representation across all sectors, insurance appears to be making great strides when compared with other sectors.

The Hub will act as a platform for the industry to exchange good practices between the various insurance markets across Europe.

The Hub's content is based on the input received from Insurance Europe's members, the national insurance associations, and will be updated regularly.

Insurance Europe is also proud to have signed a landmark joint declaration with the European insurance social partners committing to supporting companies to make D&I an integral component of their culture and business strategies.

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