International Insurance Fair and Congress – first day recap

13 November 2023 —

Today started in Antalya the second edition of the International Insurance Fair and Congress, an event aiming to bring together the professionals of the sector, increasing their cooperation and increasing the insurance penetration rate (insurance rate) in the society. XPRIMM supports the event as Media Partner.

The International Insurance Fair and Congress is carried out with the participation of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance intermediaries, insurance-related organizations, private sector, university-research institutions, local governments, non-governmental organizations and other national organizations.

In addition to holding high-level general sessions regarding the insurance sector, bilateral and multilateral cooperation meetings and agreements will be made.

The first day hosted several sessions:

  • Sustainable Insurance in the Future
    The main topics of the panel moderated by Mrs. Dilek SAKALLIOĞLU, Vice President, SEDDK were: digitalization and technology, strong capital, customer satisfaction, data-based business management, education and employment, climate and environment. The panel’s discussions were joined by Ceyhan HANCIOĞLU, General Manager, MAGDEBURGER; Fahri UĞUR, CEO, SOMPO; Firuzan İŞCAN, General Manager, HDI and Prof. Dr. Erdem KIRKBEŞOĞLU.
  • Leadership Role of Companies in the Future
    The chaired by the NTV Journalist Noyan Doğan discussed about the perspectives of the insurance sector for the next decades, touching topics as the sustainable competition, long-term structuring of the sector, challenges and opportunities, role and impact of distribution agents etc. The contributors to the panek were Yavuz ÖLKEN, General Manager, AXA; Şenol ORTAÇ, General Manager, Hepiyi Sigorta; Murat ŞİŞLİ, General Manager, CORPUS and Doç. Dr. Özgür AKPINAR.
  • Sustainability and Aging in Health

The first day will end with a panel moderated by Emine Feray SEZGİN, President, SEDDK Group, focusing on the current state of life insurance and private pensions, challenges, vision planning and increasing the penetration rate of these financial products. The point of intersection between the role played by the health sector and the insurance industry in maintaining public health also made one of the panel’s topics. The panel was formed by Elvan ATALAY, Deputy General Manager, Quick Sigorta; Şenol Serkan ŞENTÜRK, Deputy Secretary General, TSB; Taylan MATKAP, Deputy General Manager, Anadolu Sigorta, Dr.Kemal AYDIN, President of the World Council on Aging and Cemal ÖZKAN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yaşam Hospital.

The second day of the event will host, among other, a large panel dedicated to the Eurasian markets, as well as several other discussions on the insurance distribution, the agricultural insurance and the human resources of the industry.