Iulius BUCSA: Soon enough, half the market will be mediated by brokers

21 May 2012 — Mihai CRACEA
alin_bucsa_fiar2012The experts attending FIAR anticipate further growth of the brokerage market, stating that soon enough the mediations volume will reach a significant share in the total underwritings.

"Brokers will mediate half the market. But the financial impact of professional development is very high. I must say I am concerned about the individual agents who will gradually exit the market. This is why we need to be very careful about the legislative policies in the upcoming period. We are also dealing with more fiscal requirements regarding the agents' activity and we need to find solutions that can help up maintain the insurance coverage rate and the distribution network", stated Iulius BUCSA, CEO, EUROINS.

"While the consultancy activity was much less significant several years ago, it is now obvious that we are rapidly heading towards a more professional market. Such debates take us closer to the problems and the reality every day. We need to be on the same side and find sustainable solutions for the market together", added Gabriel OLTEAN, Deputy Sales Manager, OMNIASIG.

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