JUNGSTHOFEL and WARKENTIN have been appointed to the Management Board of HDI Service AG

7 March 2019 —
German insurer TALANX Group announced it provides greater integration of HDI Service AG, responsible for Human Resources, Internal Services, Purchasing and Accounting, with the operating divisions in Germany.

Thus, in order to facilitate this, Clemens JUNGSTHOFEL, Chief Financial Officer of HDI Global SE, and Jens WARKENTIN, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Labour Relations of HDI Deutschland AG, have been appointed to the Management Board of HDI Service AG in addition to their existing functions with effect from 1 May 2019.

Clemens JUNGSTHOFEL will be responsible for the areas of Internal Services and Purchasing, while Jens WARKENTIN will head the human-resource functions.

Michael HEINEN is responsible for accounting and he will continue as a Board Member of the company.

"The aim is for the new organisation to engage even more with the needs of the TALANX Group and to develop tailor-made solutions for operating business", as the Hannover-based insurer informed in a statement.

Clemens JUNGSTHOFEL has been a Board Member of HDI Global SE since 1 May 2018 and the Chief Financial Officer since 1 July 2018. Previously, he worked for audit and professional services firm KPMG. Jungsth