Jacek MATUSIAK will replace Maciej SZYSZKO as CEO of PZU's Ukrainian unit

21 December 2016 — Olesea ADONEV
The Supervisory Board of PZU Ukraine, insurance company based in Kiev, appointed Jacek MATUSIAK, member of the board since September 2016, to be the new CEO replacing Maciej SZYSZKO, who will perform its attributions on this position till January 15, 2017, according to Interfax Ukraine.

Vitaly SHCHERBIN will execute CEO's functions untill Jacek MATUSIAK will get the work official permits from the Ukrainian authorities.

PZU operates on the Ukrainian insurance market with two entities - PZU Ukraine and PZU Ukraine Life Insurance. Maciej SZYSZKO has held the CEO position in PZU Ukraine since 2001. Throughout its mandate the company has paid a great attention to the quality of customer service, has build effective processes in each business unit, as well as actively participate in the implementation of the direct settlement on MTPL insurance in Ukraine.

To answer an official inquiry, the company's PR Manager stated that "the official point of view will be presented by the new chairman".

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